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COVID-19 Update

The hotel is currently open as of June 1st 2020 following strict guidelines re: COVID-19.

Upon entry you’ll be required to digitally sign in with your mobile phone. iPhones can scan our QR code with the camera app while some Android devices require a QR scanner. You may be approached by staff to assist with the sign in process if you’re unable to, or don’t own a device. The QR code is specific to our venue and your information (name and phone number) is stored securely and confidentially.

We are required to enforce the following restrictions:

✓ We cannot accept groups of more than 10. We can’t allow patrons to move furniture to accommodate more than 10.
✓ All patrons must be seated unless using our facilities or ordering at the bar or bistro. If there are no vacant seats that means we are at capacity and can’t accommodate you at this time.
✓ All patrons must remain at least 1.5m from other groups, or patrons that are not in your group.
✓ Patrons aren’t allowed to leave their group to join or mingle with another group.
✓ If you refuse to sign in or follow directions by our staff you’ll be asked to leave and return when you can cooperate.

Thankyou for your continued support and cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re following strict procedures to ensure a safe environment for everybody!

Our motel is still available for accommodation. Click here to book now!

We’re here from 10am every day, give us a call on 0249 828 802!